Welcome to the Official Artist Republik Blog! To kick off this new venture, we will be starting every week with a series that we like to call, Music Industry Monday.

What will be covered during Music Industry Monday?

  • The latest developments in the Music Space
  • Our personal predictions for all things music
  • How to navigate YOUR career
  • And plenty more!

This week, we have decided to do a quick roundup of useful articles that we found! Feel free to browse them at your own leisure:

This is only FIVE of some of the major topics surrounding our industry this week! We could go on for paragraphs about all of the little details surrounding these events.

Next Week:

Our predictive minds will come together to give you the inside scoop of WHEN and WHERE to expect the first live music events to start happening.

We are very excited to continue providing our members with tons of great content to boost their careers! We hope that you continue to visit our blog and read more about the many things that were doing here at Artist Republik and beyond!

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