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August is already at its end! That was way faster than I expected. We started the State of the Republik blog this month & began running some new initiatives like our Artist Showcases & Tools Features. We also managed to stay inside for yet another month of this seemingly endless coronavirus experience. Instead of doing one of the usual Music Industry Monday posts, I thought that I would do a roundup of all the best articles from the month. I am calling it the Republik Roundup for August.

Go to a Concert…for SCIENCE, b*tch!

Scientists in Germany put on a concert to test some theories about the pandemic. The team from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg developed this test called Restart 19. They brought in a large group of test subjects to track the risks of infection by coronavirus at indoor events such as concerts. The subjects went through a variety of scenarios where the team tracked their every move with location trackers & dyed hand sanitizer. Let’s hope their findings help us all get back to live music.

You can read more HERE!

Napster sold again!

The original streaming service, Napster, is being sold to London-based startup, MelodyVR. The music tech startup is revolutionizing the way that we experience concerts. As you may guess, MelodyVR films live concerts in VR & offers the experiences to viewers through VR headsets. The acquisition of Napster means that the company is likely to set up and develop a whole new streaming platform, bringing more competition to the field with a unique twist.

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In August, Snapchat added a brand new feature to its app. The feature allows users to add popular music tracks to their snaps directly through the app. For many years prior, users had to play music from their phone while recording to achieve the same effect. Now you can quickly & easily add quality music to your snaps without the extra hassle. Oddly enough, it feels like they’re trying to get a leg up on Tik Tok? Agree?

Learn about the new feature HERE!

Google Play No More

Google is beginning to shut down it’s Google Play service starting in September. The decision comes by way of Google’s own YouTube Music service which is essentially taking Google Play’s place. The full shutdown won’t happen until December but if you have music cataloged on Play it’s a good time to get all of that off & stored somewhere for safekeeping. It’s the end of an era.

Read about it at the VERGE!

Music Promoter Protests Lock-down

A music promoter in New York state hosted a music event disguised as a protest. The protest in question was, of course, about the COVID-19 lock-down. The state of New York claims that there will be repercussions due to the promoter not following guidelines.

Go read it HERE!

What’s going on in September?

That’s it for the Republik Roundup in August! We have got a lot coming out on the blog throughout September! Be on the lookout for more of our features articles which break down how to use some of our most popular tools. Also, look out for an interview or two of the platforms hottest artists!

Music Industry Monday

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