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Just like that, the month of September is already complete! How time flies…seriously. At the end of every month, we like to do a roundup of all the major news going on throughout the last few weeks. This is what we call the Republik Roundup for September. Enjoy, friends.

TikTok takes the Spotlight

If you haven’t been living under a rock you most likely heard that TikTok was in hot water with the United States. The month of September was a ROLLERCOASTER for the company, eventually ending the month with a deal through Oracle…or Wal-Mart…no one is quite sure yet.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can read a full article HERE

Kanye West…that’s the headline

If you go to Google News & search “Kanye West” you will find a plethora of interesting articles ranging from Kanye declaring himself the head of Adidas to Kanye building huge walls around his property in California. Kanye is as Kanye does. The important takeaway to note for this saga of Kanye’s life is his “war” on the music industry. In a string of tweets recently Kanye has declared new terms for Record Labels…very similar to the Artist Republik model.

See Kanye’s rules HERE

Music Streaming Continues to Grow amid the Pandemic

Despite the COVID lockdowns completely shutting out live music events across the globe, the industry is seeing a rapid increase in other areas. That’s right friends, music streaming is all the hype. 85% of revenues from the industry in 2020 have been a direct result of streaming services. That’s HUGE & it spells good news for the future of music.

Read more about it HERE

Point Your Ears to Africa

The music industry is beginning to turn their ears towards Africa, an increasingly growing place for musicians. As social media and technology begin flooding into the African continent we can see emerging artists begin to take hold in the west.

Read more about it HERE

Heading into October…

We hope that you got a little bit of knowledge from this week’s Republik Roundup for September. Of course, there are hundreds of articles out there regarding the music industry for September. These ones are just the highlights! Going into October we’ve got a couple of fun articles coming out with some of our partners!

Music Industry Monday

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Republik Roundup: September
Republik Roundup: September

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