Music Industry Monday

This week’s Music Industry Monday is a little different than what we’re all used to. I had the opportunity to sit down and try out a new service called Kinekt, a new way to connect with professionals in the industry. If you’re into mentorship & growing as an Artist, keep reading, This one is for you.

Kinekt is a new way to Connect

So what is Kinekt?

Kinekt is a web-based platform that connects hopeful music amateurs with seasoned industry professionals. It is a way for up and coming music industry artists & professionals to connect with like-minded individuals who have been through the wringer. The platform works like a traditional online mentorship session. The user would go in and set up a time to “kinekt” with an individual of their choice, then a calendar invite is sent, and when the time comes the two meet face to face via zoom. Depending on the amount of time paid for, the user & the mentor will discuss anything applicable to the session. It’s THAT easy!

Users vs Mentors

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s the difference between a user and a mentor?” Well although it may seem obvious I’m here to break that down for you.

Users are the people like you and me. We want to be educated by the mentors and we are looking to get some knowledge out of this experience. We’re also the gals and guys who put our hard-earned money towards this educational jaunt.

The mentors…well the mentors are the amazing people who are here to give us the knowledge that we’re seeking. These guys are the industry professionals who have been around the block, so to speak. A few of the big names on Kinekt’s mentor roster include 3LAU, ARIUS, Dack Janiels, EKONOVAH, Elephante, Jack Preis, Dim Mak’s Arta Majd & plenty more. It’s pretty easy to see that Kinekt is offering a very influential group of people. Just more reason to get your mentorship on!

How exactly does it work for users?

Great question, young seeker-of-answers. The process is really quite simple, and to lay it out for you I’ve got a quick 4-step experience to enjoy.

Step 1:

SELECT a Mentor you’d like to book.

Step 2:

SCHEDULE a consultation request. Mentor availability is easily viewable and up-to-date. Fill in a short form with a brief about your project and what you’d like to learn. You pay at the time of booking. If for some reason a consultation can’t be scheduled you’ll receive a full refund.

Step 3:

CONFIRMATION will arrive via email with a one-time Zoom link.

Step 4:

ENJOY your Consultation! We suggest having something to take notes with and you’ll receive a guideline to get the most out of your session.

Remember when I said it was easy?

But I want to MENTOR people!!!

Guess what, you can! The Kinekt website even has a tab to do apply as a mentor. You simply hit that button, fill in a few boxes & your application will be sent! Being a mentor is a potentially lucrative side-gig & the benefits for you can be great! Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Mentors set their own prices.
  • TAP can offer coupon codes in advertising if the Mentor wishes.
  • TAP takes 15% of the final price.
  • TAP charges the customer a 3% processing fee per transaction.
  • Money gets transferred to the Mentor (or appropriate agency) within 7 days.
  • TAP handles any refunds for cancellations
  • TAP invests marketing dollars into getting you bookings
  • TAP handles money for you and provides an easy to read the settlement
  • TAP has a growing roster of Mentors and you may be discovered beyond your own fan base
  • TAP has a professional site and brand with processes and community guidelines that eliminate clients that might waste time or act inappropriately
  • By being a part of the TAP COMMUNITY, you will be able to easily meet and network with other Mentors on TAP. Promoters, Lawyers, Marketers, Designers, and many many others!

Sold yet?

Whether you’re a Greenhorn in the industry or a professional looking to expand your network, Kinekt is the platform for you! It is an extremely simple and easy to use tool that can help you grow as an Artist, Manager, Promoter, or overall Industry Professional.

One thing that we always say at Artist Republik is to provide value upfront & then reap the benefits down the road. One way to do this is to provide value through mentorship. Many people who get into the industry are lost for years trying to figure out what to do.

Kinekt allows you to cut out those unnecessary years of searching and get right to the point with industry professionals who truly care about those around them. Better yet, they do it in a way that makes it easy for anyone to get in touch and grow their team. Remember, one new connection is another door that can lead you to places that you would have never imagined.

Music Industry Monday

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