Music Industry Monday

Welcome back to another great edition of our Republik Roundup series. Every month we like to bring you a quick roundup of all the top news stories from the industry throughout the previous month. It’s spooky season & I can guarantee that these articles are of the highest quality. Let’s dive in!

The Beastie Boys Did What?!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, the Beastie Boys licensed one of their songs for an advertisement. And not just ANY advertisement. It was for a campaign spot that featured none other than Joe Biden himself. I won’t divulge any more information, if you’re interested I highly suggest taking a look at the article yourself.

You can find that HERE

A Video-Based Model for the Future

A recent Forbes article makes a great point in saying that the way of the future for musicians is to move in to virtual shows. The point of the article was to discuss the idea that live shows are in the gutter right now. The only way for many artists to make money off of their careers is to tour and play shows. Since no one can really do that right now it would make sense to try and make a profit off of live performances through the internet.

Read that article HERE

Save Our Stages

Venues all across the country are struggling, there’s no doubt about that. With the full shutdown of live events, many of the world’s most prolific music halls have been closed…some for good. In the United States there are people in the government trying to pass a bill known as the Save Our Stages act to allocate money for venues across the country.

Read about that HERE

How We Can Go On

There has been a lot of talk of festivals getting back at it in 2021. In fact, some of the industry’s top organizations have come together to lay out “official advice” on how we can safely get back to live music.

Read the advice HERE

If You’re American, VOTE!

I hate to get political on our platform but with the US Elections coming up next week I believe that it’s important to implore you to vote. But I didn’t leave out any articles for this section. In fact, this article from Billboard talks about all of the music industry figures who are leading the push for Americans to vote on November 3rd. This wouldn’t be a Republik Roundup without it.

Read up HERE and Vote!

That’s it!

October has been a particularly negative month in the music news cycle. It’s also the month before an extremely important election in the United States during a generational shift thanks in part to the Coronavirus. There is a lot going on in the world & it’s hard to look away from the politics. At our current rate, the music industry is HEAVILY dependent on what happens in November & we will be here to talk about it for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s Republik Roundup. We will see you next week.

Music Industry Monday

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Republik Roundup
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