Imagine this: You have multiple social media accounts, a website, & a merch store to promote. Whenever you post about yourself on social media you have to choose which link you want to promote. It’s a hassle and wastes way more time than you would prefer. You may think to yourself, “Wow, I wish that I had a web page that showed all of my links in one place.” Well, guess what, now there is & it’s exclusively for Artist Republik artists. Welcome to ARTSTLNK.

What is it?

ARTSTLNK is every artist’s one-stop-shop for hosting links to a variety of social media channels. We offer a variety of layouts meant for different social goals. Looking to promote your music? We’ve got you! Trying to give out links for people to buy your merch? Don’t worry, you’re covered.

This tool is for anyone on our platform to use & help them grow as an artist in many respects. You get to provide a profile image along with your social links for just about any platform needed to promote your career.

Where can I find it?


Your first stop should be through the Artist Republik homepage. From there you can click on the “Artist Links” tab at the top where it will take you to a landing page. From the landing page, you can get started and create your first link for free!


You can also find the page in your Artist Republik dashboard. On the left side of the screen is a drop-down for marketing. In there you can find the direct link for Artist Links.

After you navigate to the Artist Links page, you can begin setting up your first link. It’s pretty simple after that, you load in the URLs for all of your social accounts then copy and paste the designated link. After that, you’re pretty much all set up!

How much does it cost?

We offer several different monthly subscription plans that come with a variety of perks.


The free plan comes with our generic social link. This displays all of your simple links such as Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram & more. The additional plans allow for more flexibility, moving up to the basic plan which opens up the options for more layouts. The social unlock feature then allows you to create a special unlock page where people must do a variety of tasks such as:

  1. Following on Spotify
  2. Adding a song to a playlist
  3. Submitting your email
  4. And more!

This allows for more fan engagement across a broader spectrum of locations. This is great for building up your fanbase & email lists.

Our final plan is the pro plan which comes with everything mentioned before along with a few special perks.


We developed this product as a way to help our artists grow in new and unexpected ways. You wouldn’t believe how many people have already grown their fan-base exponentially just through using our ARTSTLNK tool. This feature is brand new & we are excited to see all the different ways that artists utilize it in the future.

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Give us a try today & sign up for an account at

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