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It’s been a rollercoaster of a year. Especially for the music industry that was estimated to lose $10bn in live show sponsorships. Although the entire world is hurting from this pandemic, the music industry took a particularly hard toll. Those that are hurting the most? Touring Musicians and Venues. I like to think that this is a pretty obvious reason but with the lack of people going out in public due to government restraints, those touring musicians had to stop touring because the venues all had to shut down. With all of this going on, I felt that it would be very important to discuss the topic of mental health, particularly with artists who have been hit hard by this year.

Positive News

Although it’s hard to see past all of this, I would like to mention the efforts of several organizations trying to ease the burden on our fellow artists. For example, Relentless Beats, a promoter out of Arizona, has been able to bring in revenue for artists by hosting “pod” shows. These socially distanced shows have allowed artists to come out to the state and play for these crowds of people in a safer, COVID-guidelines way. Several other promoters & venues around the world have been trying to figure out cool and unique ways to bring some money back into their businesses.

Financial Stress

Speaking of money, I am sure that a huge toll being taken on many people’s mental health has to do with money. It’s hard to get away from. People often ask, “Am I going to be able to pay my bills this month?” & “Do I have enough money to eat?”

Those are valid questions to ask, especially as an artist that may be struggling to bring in money with their music. I mean…those Spotify royalties aren’t the best.

I think that it is important for artists to know that they are not alone. Many organizations realize this & have created funds to help struggling musicians during these times. Below are a few resources to check out:

Those are just a few, there is a more substantial list from our friends over at Billboard HERE

Talking Mental Health

Now that I’ve gone through and given you some positive news & resources to help you financially, let’s talk a little bit about how we’re feeling. I know for a fact that this year has not been the easiest for me. When COVID struck, it felt like everything that I was working towards in this industry was falling apart piece by piece. It was tough to see the bright side of things at first but these things got better.

As the human race has adapted to this virus, we are beginning to overcome it in many, unique, and fun ways. But to overcome these things, we need to first shift our approach to viewing the world as a whole. If we view the world pessimistically, we will never get out of the rut that COVID put us in. There has to be some level of optimism for the future.

With this optimism comes hope for a brighter future. The people that are forging a new path forward and the ones who approach these problems with an optimistic mind. They ask questions like, “How can we get past this problem?” & “What do we need to do to get from point A to point B?”

It’s the people that create new lines in the sand that can overcome the mental hardships that come with an event of this scale. Once you start solving problems, you begin to get answers that you never expected. Those problems that needed to be solved quickly turn into measurable actions. Then we take those actions and make them into progress.

Progress into the Future

At the end of the day, the progress that you make in any regard is worth mentioning. Did you get out of bed this morning? Great! You just helped yourself mentally. Were you able to eat breakfast or lunch? Amazing, we are proud of you for it.

All it takes are small, measurable steps that lead to bigger and better experiences at the end of the day. You will get there, I know you will. We just have to continue forging ahead in whatever we’re doing and the future will become brighter than ever.

Just remember, it’s okay to feel the way that you’re feeling. We’ve all been there. What matters is what you do in those situations. Your mental health will thank you.

Music Industry Monday

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