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Nowadays it’s more important than ever to diversify where your music is being heard. One of the better ways to do this is by getting your music onto a Spotify playlist! Unfortunately not a lot of people know how this process works or even how to get there. Lucky for you, we’ve got the experience and the resources. Buckle in kids, this one’s for you!

What is a play-list?

For the uninitiated, a curator run play-list is a specialized play-list of music made specifically to showcase specific songs from a variety of artists. These play-lists typically have hundreds of thousands of followers and the music on these play-lists get a ton of streams.

Think of some of the more popular play-lists on Spotify:

Of course these ones are the heavy hitters. But I am here to give you just a few examples of what a play-list actually is. There are a lot of these user-run play-lists all over the internet across a wide variety of platforms. A Spotify playlist, however, is one of the more popular places to go.

Where do I start?

Once you have a song and it’s distributed to the streaming platforms of your choice you are ready to start hunting for play-lists. There are a lot of ways to do this but I am going to use Spotify as the example for the remainder of the article.

So let’s say your song is on Spotify. One of the first things that you have the ability to do is to submit your song to the Spotify editors. If you have a Spotify for Artists account you can find this information on your dashboard. YOU WILL WANT TO DO THIS STEP BEFORE THE SONG IS RELEASED LIVE:

Spotify Playlist
From Spotify’s Website

How do I pitch my song?

Once your song is live on the airwaves you can begin the pitching process. The pitch process is easy, you find some curators and send them your music. It will go one of two ways:

  1. They will accept your submission and you’ll be off to the races
  2. They won’t accept your submission

It’s as simple as that. The hard part in all of this is getting the curator to sign off on your song and place it. Often times these submissions will cost you money. The price varies depending on the popularity of the play-list along with other factors like who else is on the play-list, who owns the play-list, etc…

But don’t let big numbers and reputable names scare you away. Many younger artists are continually getting their music placed and you can get yours there too!

How do I find these curators?

There are lots of ways to source a play-list curator. Many blogs and outlets have their own special playlists and there are individuals out there that host the play-lists independently. One good way to find them?


The quickest and easiest way to find play-lists is where they live. Once you find the Spotify playlist all it takes is a little bit of research to find the person or company involved. Then from there all you have to do is reach out with a proper email or message.

Other alternatives?

Lucky for you, Artist Republik offers a quick and easily accessible system for getting your music on play-lists. Enter: Play-List Submission Hub.

Spotify Playlist

If you have an account with Artist Republik you can easily access this amazing tool from your dashboard. If you would like to learn how to use this tool CHECK OUT OUR BLOG POST ABOUT IT HERE!

That’s It!

It’s really that simple. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, getting your music onto a few play-lists at a time is one of the proven ways to get your music heard by more people. Those same people will turn into your fans and your career will benefit from it.

We really hope that this article helps to shed some light on how play-listing works and how it can benefit you in the near future.

Music Industry Monday

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Spotify Playlist
Spotify Playlist

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