Fresh EP

This week’s featured artist is Fresh EP! Angel Escoboza is a Latin urban artist born in New York City and of Dominican descent. In his teens he began performing reggaeton, hip hop, and dancehall with his friends and family who were also musicians. At the age of 16 he signed with an independent record label, which did not turn out as expected but where he learned a lot about the music business during that time. During 2013-2014 his career began to expand and his base of followers grew to Central and South America in places like Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia and Ecuador. In 2015 he visited Panama, where he went on a major media tour. He currently has a publishing contract in London with the company “Sentric Music” in the group “DMP” in the USA. In addition, he has his own independent record label, called “Flame Star Empire INC.” and collaborates with “Fragment Muzik” with his mentor Napoles.

Fresh EP has recently begun releasing his music through Artist Republik with a major hit called Infierno. With a rapidly growing career, Fresh EP is sure to top the charts all across the world. Artist Republik is proud to have another incredible artist using our platform.

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