In some breaking news from the independent music industry, Spotify has been taking down songs that violate their terms of service. It has been reported that Spotify has taken down 750,000+ songs! According to numerous outlets the greater majority of songs were distributed through DistroKid. This initially caused a flurry of fake news stating that it had something to do with DistroKid’s relationship with Spotify but that has since been debunked.

Many songs from a variety of distributors including CD Baby & Tunecore were taken down as well. The reason being is that these songs have violated Spotify’s terms of service by using third-party services to boost streams. Many of these streams are paid and guaranteed which is not allowed per their FAQ.

Only the Independents

It doesn’t seem like any major artists are being affected by this, likely because their streams are legitimate and organic. This is a huge problem for the independent music industry which has been plagued by a slew of companies trying to subvert the system.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: If a service offers to get you GUARANTEED streams, they are not a legitimate business. Your streams will be boosted by bots and you will likely get your music taken down.

We cannot imagine that this will be restricted to Spotify, especially with the wave of new music being distributed to many platforms. If you want to have your streams boosted, please go through legitimate channels.

Our Solution

Artist Republik is a trusted resource for independent artists everywhere. One of our great tools for getting your streams up is our playlist curation tool. This is not a GUARANTEED placement system, therefore it covers Spotify’s rules and regulations. If you would like more information on this feature please visit the website HERE.

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    Sarz b February 5, 2021 at 4:00 am - Reply

    can you help me to put my music on Spotify

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