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Artist Republik is not just a place to distribute your music. We also offer additional services to help you market your music and make your voice heard. But did you also know that you can post on a timeline just like Facebook or Twitter? THAT’S RIGHT! Artist Republik also has social networking features that can allow you to continue your pursuit of music through NEWS FEED.

It’s Simple!

You know a news feed when you see one. This is no different than all of the other social media news feeds that you’re used to. You have a text box, a button to add media and a button to post it for the world to see.

Once you add your post you will be able to like, comment and share just like any other! How sweet is that? It’s just another great way to have your voice heard. In fact, it’s an incredible way to grow your network and earn those REP scores.

Not much to it!

That’s about it for our quick rundown on our News Feed tool. We highly suggest that you take advantage of this tool and use it to boost your network. We post DAILY with content and ideas too, so not only will it help you get known by fellow artists. We also give you exclusive content to be seen ONLY on Artist Republik.

Tool Feature

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