As we welcome another week of 2021, we wanted to hop back into the spirit of resolutions! This week we are going to feature a couple of artists that hit the ground running and continue to make an impact. These are your resolutions in action!


Resolutions in Action

Rocco has entered into 2021 ready to take over the game. Starting on SoundCloud, this young artist decided to take his music to TikTok where his hit song Honest blew up substantially. Now as he releases his first tracks on Spotify and Apple music, Rocco is ready to completely take over the industry. His social media presence is growing, recently obtaining over 1 million views on his track via Instagram. We already know that Rocco is going to take this year by storm.


Hana Canhasi

Resolutions Series
Resolutions Series

Another fast burning artist is Hana Canhasi! Her voice has begun to take the industry by storm, releasing a few tracks on major platforms like you’ll never change, Drama, and Deserve. For Canhasi, music is the way that she grounds her thoughts. Her philosophy on her own music is clear in showing that she is more ready for 2021 than ever before. “After I release a song I feel like it’s not mine anymore. It’s open for interpretation for the listener and I think that’s got to be the coolest part of any of this.” Leaving the decision up to the audience is such a fresh take on her own music and many artists should be leading by her example.



Resolutions Series

Resolutions Series

The 23 year old Chasemill$ is joining the 2021 party with his music. From West Philadelphia, this ex hooper is finally getting back to his passion: music. With a blend of hip hop, R&B, and Dancehall, Chasemill$ has music that will make your ears say, “Thank you.” As his monthly audience grows, we know that he is going to take 2021 by storm.



Resolutions Series

Resolutions Series

Our final artist on the list is LowKiy, an artist from London, England. Kiy, as he likes to be called, gravitates towards R&B, Dancehall & Hip-Hop tunes that elevate his music to levels beyond any artist in his niche. Entering 2021, Kiy already has over 5000 monthly listeners & clearly many more to join the party. Not only does he have music of his own, but Kiy also features on a variety of major songs and has his very own Spotify curated playlist that holds all of his best music.


How are YOU taking on 2021?

We can’t wait to see what all of our artists do this year. Whether that’s continuing to drop music or even going on a little tour (vaccination pending). The team here at Artist Republik is optimistic about the future of the music industry and we can’t wait to watch our artists lead the charge.

Do you have any resolutions that you want to share? Send us an email to: [email protected] and we’ll add it to our consideration!

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