It’s February and the world is finally starting to see a glimmer of hope past the pandemic. Many industries have taken a huge hit due to COVID-19 and until the world opens back up, many will continue to suffer. The music industry is no stranger to this struggle. But as we forge ahead, Artist Republik is here to help the industry recover. 

Our team has sat down and discussed all of how we can be a positive force for change. We want to be a resource for artists and industry professionals to not only bolster their careers, but also a source for hope. That is why we have created a pledge to our industry friends:

We pledge to provide digital growth opportunities for artists to diversify their revenue and grow their careers. Artist Republik wants to give independent artists the ability to have the same level of support as an artist signed to a major label. We will provide the same support system without all of the hassle and red tape. Finally, we are pledging to develop a community amongst our users so that we can all help each other during times of struggle. Artist Republik is more than just a platform, brand, and company. Artist Republik is a family and you are apart of it.

Our core focus at Artist Republik is to be more than just a website. To help the industry recover, we need to come together as a community. As revenues across the industry have slumped, it’s important now more than ever to lean on those around us. That is why the team at Artist Republik is dedicated to building bridges across the industry. We will continue to provide easy access to our tools while also building upon our foundations.

The next year is going to be crucial for EVERYONE in the music industry. We have to work together to progress into the future. But it doesn’t start with us. It starts with you, the artist, the manager, the agent. It comes from the individual and their ability to work with others. If we want to come out the other side we all need to band together and make progress our ultimate goal.

We can’t be sure what the future holds, but we hope to be an essential part of the industry’s recovery.

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    Sarz b February 5, 2021 at 3:55 am - Reply

    I want to put my music on Spotify

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