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It is a whole new world in the music industry. Many people have described the year 2020 as “the great equalizer.” Artists from all walks of life are now closer than ever in their careers. Many big-name artists took a hit while many smaller artists were able to grow in their careers. Everyone is now much closer to being on the same playing field and it’s all thanks to various developments in the music industry. It started with music streaming, which grew into the wide availability of music distributors. This eventually evolved into more MusicTech companies popping up which have given independent artists more control over their careers. Now, in 2021, a brand new tool has become available to the masses. This new development in technology is known as Elite Reviews.

What is Elite Reviews?

Elite Reviews is a brand new platform that is meant to help young, up & coming artists get their music reviewed by professional artists who have skin in the game. The process is simple: an artist can purchase a review from any of the platform’s 100+ verified professionals. That artist will then receive a detailed sheet that goes over what is good and what is bad with their music. They will also receive a 3-minute video review from the professional! Think of it as a Cameo for musicians.

Elite Reviews

The platform itself has a wide variety of professional artists with disciplines in many different genres of music. This level of diversity makes Elite Reviews unmatched in its commitment to helping young artists hone their craft. The star-studded lineup of professional artists is also one of the key features of the platform. From American Idol contestants like Alex Preston & Ada Vox to seasoned industry veterans like Sammy Adams & Ryan Oakes. Elite Reviews is not joking around when it comes to providing valuable reviews of your music.

How do I access this amazing platform?

There are multiple ways to get ahold of this amazing resource. You can visit the platform directly at or if you are a member of Artist Republik, you can navigate to the Elite Reviews page via your personal dashboard or the left-side panel.

After navigating to the website you’ll see a variety of professionals to choose from. Once you find the person that you want to review your track, click on the “Buy” button and fill out the applicable information.

Elite Reviews

Once you have filled everything out, checked the boxes and paid your fee you can expect to hear back from your favorite artist within just a few days! It’s seriously that easy. The team at Elite Reviews has made this process as painless as possible so that anyone and everyone can access this tool.

Get Reviewed Today!

If you’re an up and coming artist this service is one of the best ways to get seasoned opinions on your work. A little constructive criticism can’t hurt! Especially if you’re trying to be among the greats.

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Elite Reviews
Elite Reviews

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