Last week we posted about our pledge to help the industry recover. Part of that pledge includes Artist Republik getting the industry back on its feet. We wanted to go deeper on that topic to describe how we could potentially move forward in this industry. Below, we have a 3-Step process that outlines our goals for doing just that. Let’s dig in.

Step 1: Level the Playing Field

Coming out of COVID-19, there are going to be a lot of individuals who will have lost money. Even before the pandemic, many independent artists did not have a strong level of income. But now more than ever, finances are a tough subject to discuss. Part of our overall approach as a company is to make our tools accessible to anyone. That is why it is free to create an account with us. Of course, from there our tools have various price points. But all of those pricing models are among the lowest in the industry. Our distribution service is unmatched in terms of price and quality. Our play-listing feature can even start as low as $1.

This is where step 1 comes into play. By bringing our prices down to a VERY reasonable level, we are allowing almost ANYONE to get in on the action. The days of sending your song to labels are over. Pitching to national blogs for even a small chance to get featured is also gone. With Artist Republik, anyone can start their career as a music artist. We are leveling the playing field every single day to ensure that if your passion is music, you can make it a lifelong journey.

Step 2: Build Bridges Across the Industry

As the company moves deeper into the industry space one thing has become clear: there are many gaps between the mainstream industry and the independent scene. There is a clear delineation between artists like Drake, Taylor Swift or Diplo compared to the average independent artist. The people signed by major labels have reached a level of stardom that outmatches anyone in their path. This system has created a wide imbalance. With these artists raking in millions upon millions of dollars in revenue, the independent side of the industry is lucky to see a few thousand every year.

This financial disparity is a key point of contention with many independent artists feeling left out. Artist Republik wants to bring this problem to a close-by bridging these gaps in the industry through partnerships with the other side. We have found that if we work together instead of against each other, the industry can thrive in ways that haven’t ever been seen before. Imagine you, the independent artist, getting the opportunity to work with someone on “the other side.” The amount of experience that you would get just from working with a professional who has seen the mainstream would aid you in your career ten-fold. The bridges and connections that we make with the other side of the industry will take some time, but it is just another way we are going to help our artists achieve success.

Step 3: Create a Unified Community

Finally, once we have leveled the playing field and begin bridge-building we will be able to unify our community of artists. Within Artist Republik, we are already building an incredible community of independent artists. We have made so many friends among our own that we want to continue this upward trend of the community into the greater industry. At this point, our pledge is still holding strong.

When the time comes, we will be able to unify the industry as a whole and bring people more closely together than they’ve ever been. Imagine a world where an Artist can go to a networking event hosted by the company and come face to face with some of the industry’s greatest leaders and thinkers. We can create this kind of community and right now is the most crucial time to begin doubling down on those efforts.

Moving Forward

COVID-19 has put a huge damper on the music industry across the world. No one is touring right now and no one is playing shows. But if this last year has taught us anything, it’s that learning new tricks and connecting with new people can be lifelong motivators for things to come. Our pledge to help the industry recover is not far-fetched in any way. We, as an industry, just need to come together to right the wrongs of the past. Move forward with life and music as if this last year didn’t happen. We believe that if we can all look forward to the same goals, we can easily achieve them…together.

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