Terry Blade has released his debut project, “American Descendant of Slavery, The Album.” It is nothing short of a pure masterpiece. The 19-track epic takes us on a heartfelt thrill ride through the worlds of r&b/soul, folk, hip hop, and beyond. The release covers a lot of ground and shows off Terry’s versatility. From hard-hitting rap rhythms to smoothly enchanting acoustic melodies. His rich low vocals are simply mesmerizing. They effortlessly glide over raw, organic instrumentation. It is the perfect soundtrack for a range of settings. His chill anthems are simply oozing with originality and impossible to imitate. The album takes a deep dive into the struggles of being a racial and sexual minority in America.

Terry himself is a young, gay, black man. Being “othered” is a pain he knows all too well. With the current climate of civil unrest, the songs touch on a range of current issues in a way that gets you thinking. Tracks like “Ms. Mizell” talk about the pain of coming out as gay. At the same time, tracks like “Black Hurts” touches on how being black in America can be a death sentence. The album experiments with a wide range of genres making it accessible for listeners of all musical persuasions. From folk, r&b, and jazz, all the way to retro soul, rap, and even spoken word. It also contains historical audio recordings of former African-American slaves. Terry uses. these to show how history has shaped contemporary black life in America.

5/5 Stars!

First, the album has been released during Black History Month. During the last year, the civil rights movement in the United States reached a new high. We listened to the album and were immediately struck by the message. The highly introspective lyrics portrayed through Blade’s voice are enough to make any listener look inward on themselves and their role in our society. The American Descendant of Slavery is a must listen!

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