LIL GENIE is an Independent artist that is gradually reshaping the future of the music industry. He has been making & studying music for the past 2 years. Some call him the new age’s Young Thug of Abu Dhabi. He has managed to work with & create several new artists from all over the world. This includes artists from the U.S.A, Belgium, Turkey, Ukraine & more. His first release was what started his commitment to the music business. After recording the song, he was facing deportation from Ukraine due to an unlawful arrest. He was later acquitted & realized that there is only one thing that he does best.

His latest release titled, “8 Shots” features a top artist that he is working with and managing. Replay, the artist, is also set to be featured multiple times on LIL GENIE’s upcoming project “Accurate Description.” The release date has not been officially stated by LIL GENIE but he aims to catch his fans by surprise with this highly anticipated album.

LIL GENIE grew up in the United Arab Emirates & is currently getting a degree in Renewable Energy Engineering from Ukraine. He also has managed to form an independent record label and merchandise brand called “Relactic.” The merch was available for a limited time and it sold out very quickly. The artist aims to re-drop the merch in coordination with the project. This will feed a growing global fan base. His most notable songs are “TIU”, “YNS” & “Monster” which were produced by a fellow producer/artist, Awab Indica.

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