It’s hard to stray away from a conversation involving the pandemic. The music industry has, unfortunately, fallen victim to the pandemic more than many industries surrounding it. Venues have shuttered and many music industry professionals are out of work. While there is hope for the latter half of this year, we are still in the midst of it all. When will venues be able to open back up? What is currently open and where? Today I will be discussing where the music industry resides during these tumultuous times.

So what is open?

Not much. Especially in the United States where the Pandemic continues to cause problems around the country. Some countries are beginning to loosen their travel restrictions to allow visitors from around the world. But those are few and far between, and even if you can get into the country, the opportunity to play a live show is slim. Kayak (the travel website) has put together a great resource to see what countries are open, closed and partially open for travel. Check it out here and look at the graphic down below:


What measures are being taken?

Advocates for the music industry around the world are doing their best to take action and help the industry. In the United States, many industry professionals from CEOs, managers, venue owners and more are actively pushing for legislation that will help the ailing industry. Most recently, many leaders from the Independent side of the industry have urged Congress to pass the HITS act which will help recording artists get through the remainder of this year.

This along with a variety of local initiatives have been able to get money into the hands of the people that need it most. Rolling Stone’s website has a fantastic resource for artists who may need a little help with paying the bills. They have outlined many music-related charities that are aiding anyone in the industry that has been affected by the pandemic.

There are also a variety of other resources out there to help anyone who works within the industry. Some organizations have created grants to help venue owners while major companies have enacted initiatives to get money into the hands of those that need it most.

Where do we go?

The recent Super Bowl halftime performance by The Weeknd was a sight to behold. Throughout all of the last year live performances have simply not been a thing. The performance itself received mixed reviews from people across the world. Some condemning the performance for happening even though the rest of the music industry hasn’t been able to. But many have seen the performance as a glimmer of hope. Some have seen it as the start to the opening of the greater music industry.

While 2020 was filled with online performances and many innovations to musictech, much of the general public is ready for in person shows to come back. Many artists are also excited to be able to get back into the studio as well. At the current rate, we still don’t know when all of these things are going to open back up. But I can assure you that hope is on the horizon. There are many resources for people in the music industry that will help keep them afloat until the world begins to open back up.

As long as we stick together, there’s nothing that we can’t do as an industry. Keep dreaming, because one day soon we will all be experiencing the vast world of music once again.

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