There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to Wriss Parker. The Sioux Falls native has never been one to back down from a challenge and the journey that he has made from a former D-1 collegiate football player to artist speaks to his strength and perseverance. Known for being confident, honest, full of energy, talented and true to himself, Wriss is the perfect combination of an artist. His first single, Never Seen, dropped in 2019 and ever since then he has been receiving praise from fans all over. Using that success to continue to motivate him, Wriss has since then released multiple tracks including “Cold Spam” and “R.A.C.S,” which have also become fan favorites. And for Wriss making sure that his music is heard and appreciated for what it is, is exactly what he is trying to accomplish. “Music should make people feel it. That’s all I want, is for people to feel the things that we are doing and appreciate the artistry behind it” -Wriss Parker Now, with an established and growing presence, Wriss is focused on working on his 1st album and giving listeners more of his music that they enjoy. And they definitely are going to enjoy this new project. Stay tuned!

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Wriss Parker
Wriss Parker

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