Welcome to March! WOO! We made it through February. A new month comes with fresh new content and we are ready to dish it out. In February we talked a lot about Artist Republik‘s pledge to helping get the industry back on its feet. This month we are going to dive deep into artistry as a whole. Specifically, how you as an artist have a unique voice in the world. Did you ever stop to consider that your voice can potentially impact millions of people around the globe? If you didn’t, then this series is going to be right up your alley. 

What is the Artist Voice?

The Artist Voice is anything that you want it to be. For some, it may be your philosophical approach to making music. For others, it could just mean your brand. What’s important is that you identify what your voice is as an artist. Regardless of how you categorize your voice, you need to have one. Making music isn’t just a thing that you do, it’s an art form. When you have art, you must develop meaning with that art. Developing your personal Artist Voice is a key component in building your career.

The Domino Effect

We have all heard of this concept. One event sets off a chain-reaction of events that culminates in something happening down the road. Let’s use this as the basis for our example. You are an artist who has recently dropped a new single. The single itself tell part of your story. Maybe it’s about a heartbreak that you overcame or a time in your life that you faced hardship. You also have 500 followers that listen to that single. Each one of those people falls in love with your story and begins sharing that story with their friends.

Perhaps that song inspired a few of those people to make their own music. Or even made someone realize that they weren’t in this alone. As the shares keep growing your song is suddenly being heard by hundreds of thousands of people that relate to you. You begin to grow as an artist and your fanbase falls in love with your sound. In just a few years you have grown from 500 followers to over a million streams on your music. 

Your voice has just impacted millions of people. Whether they listened to it once and moved on or got attached and became a fan. You have touched the lives of over a million people and all it took was you putting your voice out into the world. That is how your voice can impact millions.

The Artist Voice in March

March is going to be a month full of content to help you realize your voice. We are going to be posting snippets from artists who have made it in the industry, interviews with artists that have some amazing advice, & a whole slew of content that will help you decide as to what your voice is. We hope that by the end of March you will have a fully-formed idea of your voice and that you can implement that into your career moving forward.

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Artist Voice
Artist Voice

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