Black History Month came to a close a few days ago. It’s important to reflect on an event that took place in February that has a large impact on the music industry. Morgan Wallen does not exemplify the typical sweet nature of a star in his genre. This was made even clearer after Wallen’s neighbor released a video of the singer drunkenly spewing a racial slur.

An initial approach from platforms like Apple Music and Spotify was to ban Wallen’s songs from their playlists. While this was a temporary fix, listeners continued to give his new album “Dangerous” a spot at No.1. This is despite the backlash. Just weeks after, Spotify has now lifted their ban, along with Tennessee radio and other platforms. So the question lies, what are the true consequences of making racist remarks for members of the music industry? Is there a certain level of fame you need to reach for these actions to be overlooked?

Why Should We Care?

Morgan Wallen’s name has appeared negatively in the media, but is he facing the proper repercussions for his actions? The fact of the matter is that an apology is not enough. The music industry made a promise last year to be held accountable. Quite frankly, that is not the case here. Since representation for people of color became a priority cause in 2020, we need to be progressing forward in 2021. If anything, this wrongdoing should be a call to action not just for members of the music industry, but listeners as well. As a community of artists, we must do better by recognizing racial injustices and committing ourselves to make a change for the betterment of our society. 

Use Your Voice

On the topic of the Artist Voice, I advise you to use your voice to positively impact those around you. As we mentioned last week, your voice can influence millions of people. Be the positive change we need in 2021, and let your voice be heard.

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Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen

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