What does the #2 iTunes Australian Rap & Hip- Hop Award winner do after taking some time off from making music? He writes a single that after only 11 days has hit almost 6,000 Spotify streams! Jack Hunter, aka, AH Elite released a new song. The hit single, “Brain Dead” was released on February 26, 2021. It is a deep dive into his thoughts complemented by a fresh beat.

Receiving such an award is impressive enough, in addition to this, he is also a Red Bull Australia-sponsored athlete. When he wasn’t running, he created his new song, “Brain Dead” which tells a story about how he feels about his music career. When analyzing the lyrics “maybe it’s time to rearrange, changing time still rhyming for the big ‘ole diamond” could explain the change in his new song. During the pause due to the pandemic, AH Elite could have been experimenting with new beats and music styles for his 2021 story. When looking back at his previous award-winning album, a total of 10 songs came to a total of 25 minutes. His new song is one second short of 4 minutes.

When listening to “Brain Dead” I noticed a beat change around 2:20 into the song after his rapping subsided off a low beat. This is what changed the entire listening experience of the song for me. How he faded the beat when entering the second half of the song is what kept me replaying this song and showing it to my friends.

If you want to check out his award-winning album check out his Spotify and apple music link below:



AH Elite
AH Elite

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