With the release of our new tool, Elite Reviews, we have been getting a lot of questions. One of the more popular questions is, “Why should I get my song reviewed?” We believe that anyone in this creative industry should lean on others for advice. When it comes to making your music, advice from a fresh set of ears could make or break you. That is the whole philosophy surrounding Elite Reviews.

With that being said, we have compiled a few examples for the question at hand. So, why should you get your song reviewed?

#1 Guaranteed Listeners

A lot of artists struggle with getting people to listen to their music. With Elite Reviews, you are GUARANTEED that someone will take the time out of their day to listen to that track. Even better, your song will be listened to by established artists in the business. These guys know what makes a song good. They will give your song in-depth feedback with honesty baked right in. Now you don’t have to get left on read or waiting in someone’s request box!

#2 Written Advice

Not only will your favorite artist LISTEN to your song. They will also be providing you with an in-depth review sheet. That sheet goes into detail about each aspect of your song. It will also allow your reviewer to provide you with specific improvements to take your song to the next level. Then you get to take that little piece of paper home and make the changes necessary. It’s fool-proof!

#3. Video Feedback

That’s right, on top of having someone listen to your track & give you a detailed list of improvements, you will also receive a video. But it’s not just any video, it’s a video of your reviewer listening to your song. You get the raw reaction from the artist. But here’s the kicker, you can use that video to promote your music! Imagine getting one of your songs reviewed by Sammy Adams & sharing a clip of them listening to your stuff? That would encourage a lot more people to take a listen.

#4 Collaboration

So let’s say you have a banger of a track. Your reviewer listens and likes the song so much that they want to work with YOU! The famous artists that review your music have the full ability to reach out to you away from Elite Reviews to work with you on a deeper level. Maybe they have to sit down in the studio and help you perfect your track. Or maybe they even want to throw a feature on that track and many more. That’s a steal for the price of admission. 

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What are you waiting for? Head over to www.elitereviews.io and begin bettering your music today. They have a HUGE list of well-known artists to choose from. They’re just waiting for you to act.

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