Happy Friday! This week we have a very special post for you. The team at Artist Republik was able to sit down with none other than Abstract. Abstract is an artist with a vision that surpasses many of his peers. Throughout the last few years, he has taken his approach to artistry and turned it into a full experience for his fans. Dedicating his time and energy to creating a variety of unique content that surrounds his brand. From live-action and animated short films to clothing and more. He is part of Cyber Syndicate Records and as 2021 begins to take shape for the industry, we can see this artist beginning to make waves that will have long-lasting impacts on the music space as a whole.

Interview Transcript

Tell me about you as an artist and how you came up with your motivations behind your work:

I was like freestyling for fun in high school. Probably like 16, 17 just for fun at parties. And there was just someone who throws a beat on whether we were out like sitting in a car, at a campfire, or someone’s house. And just would kind of have fun with it. And then more and more people just started telling me like, “You should like write this stuff down.” And for a long time, I was like, “Just for fun.”

I am curious. How would you say that you use your voice as an artist to lead positive change in the world?

Music has always been therapeutic at its core for me. Of course, I will make fun of stuff. I let to mess around with a variety of contents. But at the end of the day, it is all very therapeutic to me. I just need these feelings and these emotions to live somewhere else. Like trying to cope with it positively as opposed to just internalizing it and when you write something down you can look at it step back from it and be more logical about it, I guess. When you put it down on paper, you can kind of step back from it and assess what it is. There are a lot of songs I have written where I wrote myself out of a hole. And hopefully took people with me on that journey. I would say I never want to leave people and I know there is a lot of artists who do this. I am not a huge fan of it. I think it is a toxic approach, but just to normalize the hole that people are in. Like, “Oh, you are in a hole. Me too.” Like, “It sucks.” But it is normal because it is normal for me must be normal for you. I do not want to do that for people. I try to lead people out of the hole if I can and myself not only for others but for myself, I do not want to live there. I do not want to normalize it to myself. I want to find my way out of that, dark tunnel and try to give people the light that I find in the process.

When you are making your music, what are some of the things that you think about?

I guess it depends on whatever phase I am going through. I will get into the really weird phases. I entertain ideas. People are like, “I think flat earthers are crazy,” but I understand where they come from because I have not been to space. I have not seen the world be a sphere. I do not know. I have seen pictures. I have people tell me about it. And so I am someone who, unless I have been there, I will entertain all ideas until I’ve been shown proof of something. So I do not know. I am a thinker, sometimes an over-thinker. The whole idea of what it all is, what it all is supposed to be, why we are all here. And I guess a big thing for me these days is I kind of have this whole sci-fi world going on with this thing called Moon 52. I kind of built it into my superhuman album and then we have been jumping off from that idea. It is kind of fun for me to make all these parallels between multiple things I do, where I can kind of interweave these different worlds and ideas. Some of those things come to work, come to fruition, and mediums. I just released a vinyl figure of the logo for the Moon 52 brands.

Interviewer: No, man. That was perfect. Like you gave me a lot of cool talking points that I wish that I could just chat with you about right now. Especially the crypto thing, I have gotten so into that lately. It is so cool. 

Where do you see the world of Music going in a post-pandemic world?

I think visuals are important. I think merch is important. I have always been a huge merch guy. I just dropped sneakers. About to drop chains and brunettes, I drop my first vinyl collectible today. And I am huge on merch because it is something tangible in a world that is increasingly becoming very digital and like a disconnected, I guess. Even some of the comments on YouTube, Twitter. And I got a lot of love and I have a very supportive fan base that I am very thankful for. But some of the comments just totally omit the fact that I am a human on the other side.

I think the idea of merch and visuals almost humanizes everything a lot more and it becomes a tangible and real and actual transaction. Even these days people are owning sounds. They are literally like Uber it is like you are not owning that car, you are accessing a ride. It is the same thing with Spotify, you do not own that song, you are accessing it through their platform. And so in a world like that works, like you do not even own it. It can become very cold. So you got to do things to rehumanize in an increasingly digital and disconnected world, especially during a pandemic where we are not able to travel, even in social settings. We are disconnected unless you are already friends. So the things you have to do to, I guess keep that human connection going. And also it gives people hope to experience that in that way, I guess.

Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?

I think I get a lot of comments from people. Like how do I get people to listen? How do I get people to care and all this stuff? And I always tell people, “You already have all the keys to do that.” It is just a lot of times people are held back by pride or caring too much about what people may think of that. But if you look at some of the biggest artists of all time. It is about owning your truth. And especially in the internet age, the people who relate to you will find you. I go and tour in Germany and they think I am famous all over the world and I am not. For some reason, they grab hold of the music early and it is spread out there. And now when I go tour in Germany it is all love. But I am from thousands and thousands of miles away, and they relate to my truth as they relate to what I wrote down even so far away because I knew I did not have to come up with some narrative about myself to sell myself as a brand or something. I owned myself as a brand from the get-go. 

It was like I am going to be me. I am going to dabble in a lot of different sounds and approaches but my content is always going to be me all the things that I have gone through, things that I want to do, things that make me. And the people who relate to it will find it. And yeah, there is a lot of ways I could have in a niche that was popping or some kind of route that water got me on faster. But the people who are with me now or with me for life because I never had to act like anything but myself for them to love what I do and so they will stick with me to the end because they know that is what they are going to get every time. It may be a different sound, maybe a different approach but at the end of the day, the content is still me. And so I think that is the biggest thing for anyone trying to come up right now is to just own you. You already have all the keys to make it happen. Do not let pride get in the way, do not be embarrassed. If there is nothing more freeing than putting your truth out into the world and it is scary but at the same time it is extremely freeing.

So, Abstract, Do you have anything coming out soon?

I did just drop my vinyl figurine which I am super excited about. The first wave sold out in like an hour and doing another one tonight. And that is a cool thing because what we are going to be doing is the logo for my Moon 52 brands brought to life as a vinyl figurine. And we are going to keep doing different versions where it is like album-related versions. I will have ones that I have on a tour that you can only get on the shelves, stuff like that. That was a fun collectible for the supporters. And then I have got jeans dropping very soon. I have got crewnecks dropping, beanies again. And then I actually will have an EP coming out in the next couple of months with one cohesive video for the entire thing.

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