Music Industry Monday

Look, we know that you scroll endlessly on TikTok. If you’re an artist, you should at least be following some of the hottest TikTokkers in the industry. This week, we have compiled a list of the top music-industry related TikTok stars that YOU should be following. Check them out & get ready to have your mind blown:

10. Elias Burbick (@eliasburbick)

Elias Burbick

With over 40K followers and over half a million likes, Burbick has become a huge source of music knowledge for his fans. Not only is he an artist, he also creates fun interactive TikToks that engage with his fans. Check him out!

9. Shane Lance (@wshanelance)

Shane Lance

A mixing engineer with a huge following on TikTok. This guy has over 130K followers and 2.2 million likes on his page. The content he produces is as educational as it is fun. Check him out!

8. Carneyval (@carneyval)


A music producer with over 3 million followers and 56 million likes. He is well-known for his mashups of popular songs like Travis Scott, Drake, & Pop Smoke. He stands out among many of his peers. Check him out!

7. Adam Wright (@adamusic_)

Adam Wright

Another TikTokker with a lot to offer. Adamn Wright has almost half a million followers and over 15 million likes on his videos. His content ranges from throwback songs to mashups and just plain fun. Definitely go and check him out!

6. Paris Lawrence (@djparislawrence)

TikTok Stars

Paris Lawrence is another incredible star on TikTok. She is a DJ and creates stunning mashup mixes for her 700K followers. With over 10 million likes, it’s clear that she is on the rise. Check her out!

5. Joebot the Robot (@joebottherobot)

Joebot the Robot

Praise Joebot! His mashups are not only KILLER, but they’re straight up funny. With mashups like the Austin Powers Theme x Rasputin, you know this page is pure fun. With almost half a million followers and over 10 million likes, it’s time to go and check him out!

4. Ian Asher (@ian_asher)

Ian Asher

Over 3 million followers and 61.5 million likes, Ian Asher’s DJ mashups have taken TikTok by storm. His remixes are killing it on Soundcloud and it’s no wonder this TikTok star has so much clout behind him. Head over to TikTok and check him out!

3. Magdalena Bay (@magdalenabaymusic)

Magdalena Bay

With a growing fanbase, Magdalena Bay is taking Synth Pop and turning it into an internet sensation. With nearly 75k followers and over 1.3 million likes on their videos, these TikTok Stars are poised to create a lasting career in the industry. Check them out!

2. Sam Lutz (@llostconcept)

Sam Lutz

Sam Lutz is a growing account on TikTok. This guy is a huge resource for independent artists from a wide variety of spectrums. His tips and tricks have helped over 36K people navigate the industry. If you need some advice, we highly suggest checking him out!

1. SXINT (@searchforsaint)


Another up and comer on the TikTok scene. SXINT is an artist and an educator, putting his thoughts into video form to help give artists an edge up in the ever-saturated industry. Head over to his account and check him out!

Check them all out!

As the TikTok space becomes a place for music education, it’s imperative that artists get on the trend. You have nothing to lose! Get out there and check these and all of the other amazing TikTok Stars making their place on TikTok!

Music Industry Monday

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