March 11, 2020, is a day that will be burned into our minds forever. The Coronavirus was deemed a global pandemic, and life was forever changed. Think of the last time you went to any concerts. The last time you felt your body vibrate because of the speakers blasting you into a euphoric state of musical bliss. What if concerts will never be the same?
Austin Texas, the music capital of the world, has been silent since Covid shut down concerts. Imagine growing up with concerts and live music all around you and one day it vanishes. Has the severity of this pandemic changed the way concerts will be held in the future? In Willie Nelsons SXSW keynote speaker presentation, he said “I don’t know what it will feel like because I don’t know what kind of comeback it will be. I don’t know who will be able to come to the show and I don’t want to do a show anywhere, any time that has a danger of somebody getting sick.” Not only were concerts a way for fans to interact with their favorite artists and gain a different listening experience. It was a way for the artist to make money. Without concerts and venues being able to promote artists, the music industry has taken a huge profit hit and some things may change in the future. With the world slowly going back to the times of pre- covid things can come back too soon.

We’ll Be Back

Concerts will come back. The first concert post-COVID will go down in history. If there is ever a time for the world to come together, it’s during a concert. Love and positivity will spread.  If music were to return with mask protocols, social distancing, and limited attendants would you pay more money to attend these events? For me, this is an obvious yes. Attending a concert for me is when I know if I like a band or not. The ability to see them in person performing their craft in front of thousands, showing us how much we mean to them and what music means to them is an experience like no other.

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