So, you’re producing your next hit song. You’ve got lyrics that will crush the competition and you are zeroing in on the beat to go with it. But suddenly you realize: “I don’t have the right beats for this song!” Don’t fret, my good friend, Artist Republik has you covered. That’s right, not only do we provide you with distribution, marketing and mastering. We now offer a full-fledged beat store for all of your audio needs. We’ve got beats, we’ve got packs, and some of them start as low as $0.99! Let’s dig in.

The Sound Store


At its highest level, the sound store lives right within the Artist Republik ecosystem. You can quickly and easily access the store from your account dashboard or the left side panel under the “Production” tab. From there you will be brought to the store’s main page where you can access thousands of beats from a variety of producers around the world. You can search for beats by genre, style, mood & BPM. During your search you can also favorite beats that might be winners and access them later in the favorites tab.

The Beats


The bread and butter of the store. This is the home for every beat that can be viewed and purchased from the platform. You will be able to preview beats, see their prices & specifics on the artist, genre & more. You can also add the beats to your cart before checkout.

Viewing the Beats

When you click on a beat you will be able to listen to the track as well as see notes for the type of track. You will then see a fee for the track which then breaks down into multiple fees for a variety of purchase options (see below). There is also an option to make a separate offer to get exclusive rights to the track itself along with a favorite button to add to your favorites.


Are You Ready to Beat the Competition?

As you can see, the beat store is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can browse a massive catalogue of beats made by professional producers around the world. Not only that, you can get exclusive rights for the beats to ensure that you are the only one with the rights to your music. What’s more? We offer an ever-increasing library of beats that only cost you $0.99! What do you have to lose? Check out the Artist Republik Beat Store today and find out for yourself!

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