Did anything good come out of the year 2020? Turns out, maybe something did!

Reports show that the music industry made the most money in two decades. That’s $22.6 billion in revenue and the highest figure we have seen since 2002. Artists like Taylor Swift, Post Malone, BTS, Billie Eilish, and YOU can be thanked for this. Though being cooped up at home or forced to go on long drives to ease our boredom may be getting old, those killer playlists we are using along the way are not. Tunes are our way to “tune” out the world around us. Let your music be someone’s escape from the clutter of everyday life, or find a song that does that for you.

Let Music Be Your Outlet

As listeners and artists, 2020 allowed us to pursue our passions for music. Whether it be the chance to record a track or even the time to discover a new genre, we became more connected as a community. Last year, we had nothing better to do than explore the world of melodies. From TikTok trends to independent artists emerging, we used music as a means to grow, escape, or cope. I encourage you now, if you have not already, to get in touch with your inner artist. What better time than now? Allow music to be your outlet. Better yet, let your music become some else’s.

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Music Industry
Music Industry

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