When I first heard of Kiyan Somji, I knew that I was talking to a star in the making. The artist dubbed LOWKIY has been taking England by storm in recent months. He recently released a new single titled OWN which has already received critical praise from those in the community. The song can’t be mistaken due to its catchy hook. The premise being focused on self-care, and coping with the unfair hands’ the life deals you. The song describes that with practice, LOWKIY can express and overcome those feelings within his element, the studio. 

Creating out of Cardiff, South Wales but initially established in London, LOWKIY is an artist merging hip-hop, dancehall, and R&B genres. He is well known for having a large digital, yet organic fan base due to his positive and enthusiastic approach. He also thrives on worldwide collaborations and interactive live streams to showcase his content. LOWKIYs inspiration behind his productions is simple. For fun and a form of expression. LOWKIY has previously received support from Radio Wales’ Bethan Elfyn, amongst several mentions and articles published on official online blogs and magazines.

A List of Accomplishments

KIY also has been hard at work improving his streaming footprint. When we first met him, he was just starting. Artist Republik hosted a Song of the Summer Competition in 2020 and guess who rose to the top? That’s right, our winner in the Hip-Hop category was none other than LOWKIY. Since then, he has been releasing several tracks that have grown his streaming count to well over 100,000! Keep in mind, this guy has only been doing this for about a year! 

His newest single is just another incredible track to add to his growing resume. The song was released on March 22nd, 2021 along with his EP titled, Awake. Check it out now wherever you get your music & don’t forget to give Kiyan a follow across all of his social media. 

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