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Depending on the area of interest, a music degree isn’t necessarily a requirement for those interested in pursuing a music industry career in 2021. Plenty of people have found success in the music industry after dropping out of college. John Mayer, Adele, and Madonna were all college dropouts!

However, a music industry degree may be a major career move. Especially from a business standpoint. Not to mention, attending an undergraduate program can be an exciting networking opportunity for aspiring artists, managers, PR professionals, and more.

Music Business

Music business degrees (either B.A. or B.S.) have been popular among students interested in working behind the scenes in the music industry but might not have a specific path in mind. Many of these programs are pretty comprehensive. They cover business fundamentals fused with music techniques. Music business programs often touch on music promotion, concert marketing, business management, and record label development. Some with a focus on the ever-evolving digital space.

Music Management/Entertainment Management

A music management degree is a rather particular program that is only offered through certain schools. Normally offered as a B.A. or B.S. program, it allows students to explore the ins and outs of the music industry. This includes business models, artist management, record label development, music marketing, and more. This program will prepare you to tackle the music and entertainment industries from many different angles.

Music Production

Several schools in the U.S. and a more generous number globally offer music industry degree programs specifically in music production. This path is for the creatives who already have an affinity for songwriting, singing, producing, or might have experience playing an instrument. These programs will not only offer you the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a creative music career. But they will grant you the confidence to take the following steps. Being able to utilize production tools with the guidance of well-trained instructors is priceless.


Similar to music production programs, some universities offer a more general music degree. This allows students to concentrate on vocals and instruments while learning about theory and composition. Again, this degree is formulated more for students focusing on refining their musical skills. Rather than those interested in industry logistics. Music majors typically spend their time studying one particular instrument of interest.

Business Management

A business management degree is a great option for students looking to get involved with the enterprise side of the music industry. An associate’s degree in business management will teach students finance, business analysis and intelligence, human resources management, project management, and customer service.

A bachelor’s degree will cover those primary areas and diver into accounting, business law, ethics, risk management, team development, organizational behavior analysis, and more. Students typically have the option to choose the coursework best tailored to their career path. Those with their sights on the music industry can refine their program.


A marketing degree can be useful in virtually any industry. Making it a great option for anyone who is music industry-bound. Marketing plays a huge role in any developing artist’s career, and bringing on the right marketing manager can make a massive difference. These degree programs focus on branding, distribution, advertising, and other marketing principles that apply to the music industry.

Public Relations

Every artist needs a PR professional tirelessly working to put their name, story, and new releases in the hands of journalists. Public relations people are tasked with protecting and promoting the brand and image of artists and producers during every step in their careers.

Pursuing a degree in public relations while making the right contacts along the way can help you get started on a career in the music industry. This career path might lead to a position as a publicist or a press agent.

Final Things To Consider When Choosing A Music Industry Degree

While these are some of the leading music industry degree titles that domestic and international schools offer, various hybrid programs are also available. For example, the University of Kent offers a B.A. (Hons) in Music Business and Production, which delves into marketing, management, copyright legislation, and finance while giving students the technology and resources to refine creative production skills.

When choosing the right program and school, it’s essential to be realistic with yourself about where your passions lie. Choose the right path for yourself, not what others think is best for you. With the proper motivation, you can find success in any industry and with any job title.

The music industry has a daunting reputation for being extremely competitive. However, when you have a drive, education, and other resources working in your favor, success will follow!

Music Industry Monday

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music industry degree
music industry degree

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