Who Is YS Reese?

YS Reese is a 21 year old artist from Kentucky. He has created his own flow and style over the course of him beginning music in his earlier years. With slapping rhythm and bouncy flows, he is an artist with talent that stands out.

‘Wednesday Night Interlude’

His single, ‘Wednesday Night Interlude’, hypes you up and gets you in your feels at the same time. His lyrics are like no other, and he has such a natural flow to his words. For such a young artist in the industry, at only 21 years old, this artist is extremely talented. This song is just a glimpse into his strengths as a singer and songwriter.

There is no denying that this artist is going to continue to grow for years upon years, and his fans supporting him as an artist is a critical factor in this.

To stream ‘Wednesday Night Interlude’ and future releases from YS Reese, check out this link!


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YS Reese
YS Reese

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