Jeff Menig is an entertainment industry professional with years of experience in band management, live events, merchandise, consulting, artist development, and marketing. As founder and principal of the newly minted PKULTRA MEDIA, the unrelentingly passionate and persistent entrepreneur makes precision focused usage of the diverse set of skills he’s developed. A whip smart consultant, confidant, advisor, and negotiator, Menig is a quintessential ally suited to lead and/or enhance a driven creative team. Menig builds brands and bands for the social media age, optimizing the multiple opportunities for engagement, communication, and personal interaction for his clients. His keen attention to detail, from visual elements to messaging, makes him invaluable. Menig today combines the philosophical approach, advocated by the new school of educators and thinkers, with his own hard-fought DIY skills and expertise.

Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary is the bassist & swing singer in the band Fit For a King. When he’s not busy jumping on crowds, stealing drinks and causing a ruckus Tuck fronts the alternative band Off Road Minivan. He is also the host of a podcast called Get Tucked!

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