During an artist’s career, there comes the point when they have to decide whether or not to seek out music management. Further down the road, many find that having a manager is essential to their success as an artist. However, plenty of people can navigate the early stages of their career as musicians without one, as there are pros and cons of music management.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a manager to find success in the music industry. On the other hand, a manager can help you explore opportunities you might have otherwise not had. One example of a famous manager/artist business relationship is that between Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber. Braun approached the singer when he was just 13 years old, helping the way to his stardom.

We’ve highlighted some pros and cons of music management, so you can hopefully make an informed decision for the next steps in your career.


A music manager will provide contacts

By bringing on a music manager, you’ll likely have access to dozens if not hundreds of new industry professionals. An experienced manager will have already put plenty of time and energy into networking, so you don’t have to. Combining any contacts you have with the wealth of new contacts a music manager can provide can vastly increase your industry exposure.

A music manager will provide constructive criticism

Are you tired of sending your friends and family your music only to get vague feedback? The reality of it is, your friends probably aren’t professionals and won’t be able to provide you with the proper critique you need to grow as an artist. A music manager will be honest, thorough, and won’t be afraid to hurt your feelings in the name of furthering your career.

A music manager can act as your legal compass

If hiring a lawyer isn’t in the cards for you, bringing someone in with music industry experience can help you navigate the legal side of production. Any legal issues you run into (or any problems at all, really), an experienced music manager has likely seen before and can at least give you some thoughtful advice.

You’ll have more time for music

Once you bring on a manager, they can handle tasks that may seem tedious to you, like booking shows, music distribution, planning releases, and developing marketing strategies. With the pressure off you to take care of these details, you’ll have much more time and energy to focus on what you love—making music. 


A manager can be expensive

Managers typically get paid a portion of your profits, with the percentage depending on the contract you work out. You may also have to fund additional expenses such as travel for your manager to do their job successfully. 

You may disagree with each other

When it comes to business, you and your music manager may not always see eye to eye. Although a new perspective can be healthy, too much disagreement can be debilitating for your career. It’s crucial to find a manager who has the same vision as you, but that’s sometimes easier said than done.

You might lose creative control

Your manager’s profits will depend on your success as an artist, so it’s fair that your manager will sometimes want to influence your creativity. This collaboration is not always a bad thing, but you’ll have to be okay with welcoming your manager’s creative ideas as well.

You might not need a manager

If your career is flourishing and you have enough time to handle the music business yourself, hiring a manager might set you back. Be honest with yourself and your career needs.

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pros and cons of music management
pros and cons of music management


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