You’re on your way to becoming the greatest artist that the world has ever known. You can distribute to Spotify, Apple Music & plenty more. You might also have your music featured on a few playlists! The only problem? No one has written about you on a music blog! One big part of being an artist in the public eye is getting someone to write all about you and your music. It is great for promoting yourself & your brand. One thing that a lot of artists have a hard time with is figuring out how to get featured in a blog. Luckily, Artist Republik has the answer. With your free account, you have access to our Blog Promotion Manager. This cool, little system has been developed specifically with YOU in mind. Let’s dive in to see how it works!

Distributing Your Press Release

How to Get Featured in a Blog

The first thing that you’ll see when you navigate to the manager is a button that says “Distribute Your Press Release.” Click on that & you will be sent through a series of pages to help you nail down the perfect blog.

How to Get Featured in a Blog

Once you get to the blog outlet’s section, you can select as many outlets as you would like to upload your release. Each outlet has their own set prices for the type of article that you can promote. Some start as low as $5! The more outlets that you can send your release to, the better.

How to Get Featured in a Blog

Drafting Your Release

The next step in the process is sending in a draft for the release. You can include things like headlines, keywords, locations, photos & the body of the article. It’s important for you to include as much information as possible! This allows the writer to really beef up your article with information about you. Here are a few ideas for things to include in the body:

  • A bio
  • A short explanation of your song, project, etc…
  • Important Statistics & Achievements
  • Anything that you feel would look good!

Link it up!

The next section deals with adding any links to your work. Be sure to include any and all links that have to do with you and your career. Those links can include:

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Previous blog articles
  • Streaming pages (Spotify, Apple Music, etc…)
  • Basically anything about YOU!

These links are used to share your info with the readers. Why not give them as much as possible? It will only help you.


The last part of the process is the payment. Depending on how many outlets you decide to send your release to, you might spend as low as $5 or well over that into the hundreds (and possibly thousands). It’s your money! Spend it wisely.

Get Your Music Promoted Today!

In the fast-paced world of music, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you are getting the best representation as possible. Blog outlets are one sure-fire way to get recognition across a broad audience. What’s great is that you can then use these posted articles on your EPK to really boost your brand awareness. Promoters & venues love this kind of stuff. So, get out there & start getting recognized! You deserve it.

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How to Get Featured in a Blog
How to Get Featured in a Blog

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