Getting that blue checkmark, aka getting verified on social media, is a crucial step for artists, brands, and businesses to build a successful social media presence. Yes, it looks cool, but it also tells others that first, you’re really you, and second, you have credibility. 

If being verified online was easy, everyone would do it. Some people try for months or years to no avail, and others (think big brands and celebs) get verified without ever having to reach out. 

So what’s the easiest way to get verified on social media? There’s no hack or quick fix, but the most efficient way to go about getting your blue checkmark is by being methodical. Each platform has its own list of requirements and specifications, so it’s a good idea to adhere to them closely. This way, you won’t waste any time or take unnecessary steps. With enough persistence, you can be verified on all social media platforms. 


Instagram is perhaps the most challenging platform to get verified on. According to Instagram, “Accounts representing well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high likelihood of being impersonated. We want to make sure that people in the Instagram community can easily find the authentic people and brands they want to follow.”

Instagram’s verification guidelines:

  • Authentic: Your account must represent a real person, registered business, or entity. 
  • Unique: Your account must be a unique presence of the person or business it represents. Only one account per person or business can be verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts. Instagram does not verify general interest accounts (example: meme accounts). 
  • Notable: Your account must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or entity. Instagram reviews accounts that feature in multiple news sources, and they don’t consider paid or promotional content as sources for review. 
  • Complete: Your account must be public and have a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. Your profile can’t contain “add me” links to other social media platforms. 

Anyone can request to be verified on Instagram via their account settings. If you’re not an A-list celebrity or a mega-brand, you’re going to have to do the work. That includes building a following, posting engaging content, and regularly adding identity supporting information. Essentially, you’ll need to actively show Instagram why it would benefit other uses if you’re verified. 


Aside from gaining credibility, being verified means Facebook will prioritize your page in search results. 

Facebook allows users to submit a request for verification here. You’ll need to fill out some basic details, followed by an explanation as to why being verified would benefit your brand or business. For example, you could argue that it’s difficult for users to pinpoint your business profile using the search feature. After the request is submitted, you can expect to hear back from Facebook between 48 hours and 45 days. 

Facebook offers a similar path to verification as Instagram, with the following guidelines:

  • Authentic: Your page should represent a real person, entity or business. 
  • Notable: The person, entity or business your page represents should be well-known and highly searched for. There should be articles and publications that feature the page’s topic of interest.  
  • Unique: Your page should have a unique presence of the person, entity or business it represents. Facebook only verifies one account per business or person, with the exception of language-specific accounts. Note: they won’t verify a general account about 
  • Complete: Your page should be active (multiple posts) and have an updated “About” section and profile picture. 

When applying for Facebook verification, you’ll want to make sure you have a complete profile containing relevant information, a link to your official website, a cover image, at at least one post on your page.

Having your business or brand in the press will get you major brownie points with Facebook. If you’ve been covered by news publications, done interviews, or been mentioned in articles, make sure to include that when making your case. Having fan pages and being mentioned with also help.


Twitter was one of the first social media platforms to introduce the idea of verification back in 2009. According to Twitter, “To receive the blue badge, your account must be authentic, notable, and active.”

In order to prove your authenticity, you’ll need to provide a link to an official website associated with your account, a government-issued photo ID verification, or an official email address with a relevant domain. You can also prove your authenticity by having a high engagement rate—this is where you’ll need to do the work and keep your followers interested.

For the not-so-easy step, you need to be considered notable. Twitter considers government officials, companies/brands/organizations, news organizations/journalists, entertainment companies, sports and gaming organizations, and activists/organizers/other influential individuals. Find which category best describes your brand and carefully adhere to its standards.

As a final step, you’ll need to be active. Most importantly, you’ll need to make sure you’ve been following Twitter’s rules, have confirmed your email address or phone number, have a profile name/image, and have used the platform within the past six months. 

It’s important to note that Twitter isn’t consistently verifying accounts. There was a period between 2018 and 2020 that they were not verifying at all. Getting verified on Twitter can be a pretty elusive process, but it can be made a lot easier if you already meet the requirements.


TikTok verification is reserved for celebrities, brands, and anyone else at risk of being impersonated. Having a blue badge is like a holy grail on the platform, as it’ll easily make any creator stand out. 

Unlike other social media platforms, you cannot request to get verified on TikTok. TikTok’s Creator Launch Team handpicks users based on various factors to award them the prestigious badge. 

The main points the Creator Launch Team looks for are consistent daily follower growth (around 500-2000 new followers per day), watch time growth, regular viral content, and positive media coverage. Check out our guide on media coverage

One of the most important things to focus on is to create consistent and engaging content. It won’t hurt to keep up with trends and hashtags while keeping an eye on what other creators in your niche are up to. 

You need to be active in a way that’s more than just posting videos. Engaging with verified users with comments or duets, participating in challenges, and sharing links to your music will help you get that seal of approval. And of course, TikTok is very serious about users adhering to its community guidelines.

By staying consistent, you can be on your way to getting verified. If you can first get verified on another platform by submitting a form, your chances of TikTok verifying you will be much greater. 

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verified on social media
verified on social media

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