Welcome to the second week of your Fan Engagement Bootcamp! This week we will be talking about WHERE you can engage with your fans. We will give you the overview plus the pros & cons of each system. There are many different ways to engage with your fans, so if we missed something, let us know! Let’s get right into it:

Social Media

Social Media is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of engagement. It is a freeway for any artist to get personal fan engagement. You can post on your stories, respond to people’s comments & chat with people in your DMs. It’s a fantastic way to get in at the ground level with the people that listen to your music. Most people traditionally use Social Media as a form of engagement, especially when they’re just starting.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple Ways to Engage
  • Different Content to Post
  • Most people use it


  • Must stay consistent
  • You always have to be involved
  • Algorithms
  • You can only engage with your followers (if you have a small following, there’s less of an impact)

Music/In-Person Events

Another one of the significant aspects of being an artist is that you have access to live events. Whether they be your shows or someone else’s, it allows you to meet & connect with fans. It’s the next step outside of social media! Having an interaction online vs. in-person is a drastically different experience. This allows the fans to get to know you outside of your online persona & musical talent. It also makes them feel more like a “friend” in a way. In last week’s post, fan engagement’s core is the relationship you build with your fanbase. Events are one great way to start.


  • In-Person Connection
  • Meet Your Fans
  • Create a real relationship with fans
  • You can share & listen to music together
  • You can meet people who didn’t listen to your music before


  • It could go either way. Hopefully, they like your real personality!
  • If it’s at someone else’s event, it takes away from that artist’s performance or vice versa
  • There is a chance people might not show up

Live Streaming/Gaming

Everyone likes games & an increasing number of people have become highly interested in streaming. Why not utilize this technology to reach your fans? You don’t even have to be a gamer! You can create live streams in a variety of places. There are a variety of topics like Q&As, collaborations, or have just having fun! The world is your oyster. Doing this will help to develop that human element behind you and your brand. It’s also just pure fun for everyone involved!


  • Another quick & easy source to engage
  • Widens Your Audience
  • It can be fun for both sides
  • Cover a wide variety of topics


  • Time-Consuming
  • Attendance depends on how well people know about it

Email & Text

When it comes to keeping your fanbase engaged with you, one way to do it is through email marketing or text messages. Text messaging refers to third-party texting apps like Community. These two resources are great ways to send updates about yourself and keep up a conversation while you’re working on new music or projects. 


  • Consistent Form of Engagement
  • You can collect data on your fans
  • Keep everyone updated with new developments


  • Texting platforms cost money
  • Time-consuming for both email & texts

What other ideas do you have?

These are just a few generalized ways for you to engage with your fans. Each one has pros & cons, but for most, the pros outweigh the cons. It’s essential to surround yourself with fans of all shapes & sizes. If you can hit a variety of demographics & keep them engaged consistently, you’re already going to stand out from the pack. 

Don’t forget to tune in next week! We are going to be having a guest writer from our friends over at With the Band! They are the essence of fan engagement in the music community that helps artists & fans feel part of something bigger than themselves. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say about the Best Practices of Fan Engagement.

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Where to engage
Where to engage

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