Artists have a few different options when it comes to streaming platforms, but there’s no doubt Spotify should be at the top of everyone’s list. Following closely behind Apple Music, Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the US. Spotify for Artists can take your career to the next level by making you look polished while giving you valuable insight into your analytics. Don’t be discouraged, setting up your Spotify for Artists account is pretty simple!

Spotify for Artists is a free service that allows artists to become verified, claim their profile, and much more. It’ll even grant you the fantastic opportunity of submitting your new tunes for Spotify Curated Playlists like Feelin’ Myself and Dance Rising with millions of followers each. We have an awesome guide on how to get on a Spotify playlist.

As a preliminary step to setting up Spotify for Artists, all you’ll need is at least one song released on their platform. The next thing you need to do is claim your artist page on Spotify. This ultimately puts you in charge of your artist profile, allowing you to add a cover picture, artist bio, profile picture, etc., to look as professional as possible and so new fans can learn more about you.

How to Sign Up for Spotify for Artists

First, log in to Spotify via a web browser. Then, head to and click “Get Access”. Click on “Artist or Manager” (assuming this describes you!) and continue to search for your name. Follow the prompts to finish claiming your profile.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to link your profile to your website and social media accounts in order to verify your identity. You’ll then need to wait until Spotify verifies your claim before you get access to your Spotify for Artists profile. This process typically takes no more than three days.

Look out for your notice of verification via email. Once you get it, head to “Your Dashboard” for instant access to all of Spotify for Artists’ exciting tools to manage your profile. Plus, once you’re set up with Spotify for Artists, you can quickly become verified on their platform—there’s no need to wait until you have 250 followers anymore.


With Spotify, you can easily add team members, such as your manager or publicist, to your account. While you’re busy making music, your team can access your account to view your stats, edit your profile, and help you in any way you need. You can grant your team members one of three different access tiers: full access, edit access, or view access.

Perhaps one of the most sought-after features of the artist profile is the newfound insight you’ll have into your data. You no longer need to wait until you have 1000 streams to view your data. You’ll now be able to see every detail for your top 200 tracks, and you can even filter this information with a timeline.

As mentioned previously, pitching to playlists is another prime reason to get on Spotify for Artists. Having a song selected for a Spotify Curated Playlist is the ultimate claim to fame. Keep in mind tracks can only be pitched in a pre-release state—after you’ve finalized your song on Artist Republik and it’s sitting in the “Upcoming” tab of your Spotify for Artists account.

Perhaps the most underrated feature of Spotify for Artists is the ability to edit and customize your public profile freely. Right above the field to enter your bio, you can add up to 125 photos. This is a great spot to showcase your press photos and any shots you might have from live performances. You can add social media links, notify your fans of account milestones (say, reaching 10k followers), and get special new release badges. There’s really a lot of neat things you can do with Spotify for Artists to help bolster your career and have fun at the same time. The only way to learn more is to get started!

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