So, you’ve made it this far into our Fan Engagement Bootcamp. You’ve learned all about what fan engagement is, where to engage with your fans, and the best ways to engage. Now that we have all of those pieces in place it’s time to put it into practice! How do you, the artist, take everything that you’ve learned and put it to practice? The simple answer: go out there and ENGAGE! Do it right now. Literally, stop reading this article & get out there to talk with your fans.

Did you do it? Okay, cool! Now let’s talk about everything from this series in summary.

What Is Fan Engagement?

Fan engagement is a concept built around the idea that you have fans. That engagement is about keeping those fans connected to you, your music, & your brand. In this day & age, it’s easy to lose fans & the way to keep them is by keeping them engaged with you consistently. Someone good at engagement will make each & every fan feel like they are a part of your musical career. There are a lot of ways to do this (but we’ll get into those later). What’s most important about this engagement is understanding that it is a RELATIONSHIP between you, the artist, & the fans.

As an artist, you want to have high levels of engagement. The engagement, in turn, will make your fans want to spend their time following you & taking action to show their support. That action can include listening to your music, buying your merch, going to your shows, or anything else you might do! You also want to make sure that you can retain those fans through your engagement methods.

Where Can I Engage with Fans?

There are a LARGE variety of places to engage with your fans. As long as you can create a genuine interaction with a fan, then you can consider a place of engagement. Here are the best places to start:

  • Concerts/In-Person Events
  • Social Media
  • Live Streaming/Gaming
  • Email & Text

How to Engage

Our friends at With the Band put together our last bootcamp article that talked all about Best Practices. It is deceptively simple & anyone can do it as long as they are well-aware of their brand. The main points from our Best Practices article outline that it’s important for an artist to be authentic, invest in your current fanbase & be personal! Basically: be YOU! In this day and age, consumers of music are looking for a friend. Someone that they follow who feels like someone that you might know personally. Don’t forget that!

Are you ready to engage?

You’ve been equipped with the knowledge to start crushing your fan engagement experience. It might seem like a behemoth task, but if you can buckle down & learn the ins and outs of your fanbase, you can make an impact that your peers may not be able to obtain. Next week we will be giving away a free downloadable guidebook that you can use to reference whenever you want to refresh your memory of the fan engagement experience! Be on the lookout.

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Fan Engagement
Fan Engagement

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