The time has finally come! Our annual Song of the Summer Competition is back and better than ever! Are you ready to prove to the world that you have the Song of the Summer? If so, continue reading to get the low-down on what we have this year!

Last Year

We had over 10,000 submissions from Independent Artists across the globe and we gave out over $4000 in prizes! We had thousands of fans vote & came down to 4 winners of different genres.

This Year

With our recent team-up with Fan Pass Live, We’re upping the bar with tons of new prizes and the return of our newest genre addition, Pop. Here’s what we have on the prize table:

  • $5000 Cash Prizes – $1000 for each Genre (Hip-Hop/Rap, EDM, Latin, Rock/Metal/Punk, Pop)
  • Free distribution
  • Artist Merch Designs
  • Grow With Us Campaigns
  • Album/Single Art Designs
  • + more!

The Rules:

Now, with every competition comes a set of rules. Check ’em out:

1. Must be one of the following genres:

  • Hip-Hop/Rap
  • EDM
  • Latin
  • Rock/Metal/Punk
  • Pop

2. Song must be original & released in 2021-2022

3. Song entry must match genre category of submission

4. One Vote per day, per fan

5. Remixes allowed but NO covers

And best yet? There are NO entry fees!

Contest Timeline:

July 15th: Registration Opens

August 1st: Competition Starts

August 9th: Top 250 Songs Continue

August 15th: Top 100 Songs Continue

August 22nd: Top 50 Songs Continue

August 24th: Top 25 Songs Continue

August 31st: The Top 10 Songs Battle to Win

September 1st: Winners will be announced for each genre

Ready to Register?

Head on over to and sign up today!

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