Jesse Oldelli Drops New Single!

By |2021-02-22T20:00:19-04:00February 22nd, 2021|All, Press Release|

Jesse Oldelli just released a new hit single! The 24 year old rapper out of Upper Marlboro drop Ice Coffee And Break Ups, a song that exudes his style. That style depicts a storied life that depicts an unapologetic artist. Oldelli conveys his emotions and vibes through musical stitches of raw wounds. The emotions that he portrays are emotions that most don't even try and visit.

Republik Roundup: September

By |2021-01-20T14:41:58-04:00September 28th, 2020|All, Music Industry Monday|

Just like that, the month of September is already complete! How time flies...seriously. At the end of every month, we like to do a roundup of all the major news going on throughout the last few weeks. This is what we call the Republik Roundup for September. Enjoy, friends.

Should You Join a Label or Stay Independent?

By |2021-01-20T14:41:59-04:00September 7th, 2020|All, Music Industry Monday|

It is one of the greatest questions that plagues the minds of artists everywhere. Should you join a label or stay independent? This question has become more and more of a serious deliberation in recent years thanks to the rise of independent streaming & a big move away from the record label's control.

Republik Roundup: August Edition

By |2021-01-20T14:41:59-04:00August 31st, 2020|All, Music Industry Monday|

Scientists in Germany put on a concert to test some theories about the pandemic. The team from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg developed this test called Restart 19. They brought in a large group of test subjects to track the risks of infection by coronavirus at indoor events such as concerts.

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