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We are keeping this week's post short and sweet. Just remember, the outcome of this race will almost definitely impact the music industry for years to come! Get out, vote, & be safe Republik!

Republik Roundup: September

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Just like that, the month of September is already complete! How time flies...seriously. At the end of every month, we like to do a roundup of all the major news going on throughout the last few weeks. This is what we call the Republik Roundup for September. Enjoy, friends.

Republik Roundup: August Edition

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Scientists in Germany put on a concert to test some theories about the pandemic. The team from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg developed this test called Restart 19. They brought in a large group of test subjects to track the risks of infection by coronavirus at indoor events such as concerts.

The Dorm-Room DJ Dogma

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School is officially back in session (depending on who you ask) and thanks to the current state of the world anyone who is living on campus are most likely confined to their rooms. This is prime-time for any aspiring DJ to get down and dirty with their DAWs.

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